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Introducing Le Kasha Cashmere

Every time we find something that we know our customers will love, we start to get excited. We love seeing that surprise and happy unexpected delight shine in their eyes when they see a new label we have brought to the store. Today, we are hoping to see that same shine when we introduce our newest label, Le Kasha Cashmere.

These pieces are soft, warm, and so soft. They are stunning pieces that you will find yourself going to for years to come. This brand has been around since 1918 and solidified their reputation when Coco Chanel chose their brand to make her first suit collection.

“The spirit of freedom and adventure of the 1920s persists today, and with it the enduring values of Le Kasha.” 

Le Kasha Austin Cardigan

Le Kasha Austin Cardigan
Paired with the Veronica Beard Landon Boot

“Founded in France in 1918, Le Kasha was part of a revolution in the way the women of the 1920s dressed. An innovative fabric made with Kashmir goat hair blended with a revolutionary new fiber, here was a fabric that looked elegant and was comfortable, while still being easy to care for, maintaining its shape and style even with constant use and washing.” 

Le Kasha The Verbier

Le Kasha Verbier Sweater
Paired with the Raquel Allegra Easy Pant and Pedro Garcia Antonia Flat

“After the war, as women abandoned corsetry for clothes that allowed greater freedom of movement, Le Kasha’s fabric captured the spirit and mood of liberation of the time.”

Le Kasha Firenze Cardigan

Le Kasha Firenze Cardigan
Paired with Raquel Allegra Split Muscle Dress and Isabel Marant Ferlyn Loafer

“Le Kasha’s mission is to make beautiful, timeless pure cashmere clothing suitable for every place and every season.”

Le Kasha Monaco Crop Sweater

Le Kasha Monaco Crop Sweater
Paired with Adaptation Hi Rise Wide Crop and Veronica Beard Griffin Flat

“Made from cashmere fiber sourced from the Alashan and Arbus regions of Inner Mongolia, acknowledged as the foremost region for producing the highest and finest quality cashmere fiber, each piece is both light and long-lasting, making it the perfect fabric for the world’s wanderer.”

Come by the store to experience this stunning new brand yourself. We hope it brings a smile to your lips and a shine to your eyes.


Frank and Eileen and Tee Lab Trunk Show
Saturday, August 12, 11am – 5pm
La Ree Boutique
Frank and Eileen Tee Lab Trunk Show

Allude Cashmere Sweaters

The best sweaters for fall have arrived! Allude Cashmere Sweaters are one of our favorite knit brands. They provide luxury basics that are characteristically unique, in that cozy cashmere we all love. We just received our first bunch from Allude that included vests, a cardigan, pullovers, and more. Photos of the sweaters have run in various national and international publications, such as Elle, Marie Claire, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Numero, Vogue, and more.

All Allude Cashmere Sweater styles are coming soon to LaReeBoutique.com, but until then you can shop in-store, or give us a call at 425.453.7868! Check out how we style the sweaters with some of our favorite denim, pants, and accessories for Fall’15.

| Design Front Sweater |Design Front Sweater

Outfit Details:

| Cashmere V-Neck Sweater |V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

Outfit Details:

| Cropped Two-Tone Slouchy Sweater |Cropped Two Tone Slouchy Sweater

Outfit Details:

| Cashmere Hooded Sweater |Cashmere Hooded Sweater

Outfit Details:

| Cashmere Sweater Vest With Pockets |
Cashmere Sweater Vest with Pocket

Outfit Details: