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The Secret to Staying Positive in the Rain: Cute Loungewear

We just finished the second wettest February in history. And March hasn’t been much sunnier. If you’re hiding indoors counting down the days until summer, we have exactly what you need to be stylish and comfortable. We love loungewear and believe that an old t-shirt shouldn’t be your go to when you are cozying up on the couch with the latest Netflix. You deserve to feel cute and beautiful even with your hair up and no makeup. Looking good feels good, so even if you’re at home and it’s raining again, make things a little brighter by enjoying the simple things in life: cute loungewear!

Skin pj pant and lace cami

Skin PJ Pant and Lace Cami

Xirena beau top and shaya short

Xirena Beau Top and Shaya Short

The xirena Sophia dress

The Xirena Sophia Dress

See something you love? Stop by the store or contact us to let us know. Plus, we have more loungewear styles available in store. Come by, pick out your favorite cute loungewear, grab your tea, the remote, and get ready smile while counting down the days until the sun is out again.

New Collection: Xirena Sleepwear & Lingerie

Designer and founder Dierdre Roffoni created Xírena based on her years of travel to the hippy island of Formentera, Spain. Inspired by the carefree lifestyle of this bohemian environment, a collection of chic, modern, and sexy separates was born.

In designing Xírena, Dierdre draws from lingerie and swimwear to create a line that can be worn at home, on the go, or lounging on the beach. The simple shapes combine bold prints, vivid colors, and metallic accents; these elements continue to act as the building
blocks for the line season after season.

Various Xirena styles have been featured in major publications such as, Elle, Allure, Marie Claire, and Instyle. We are excited to introduce everyone to new styles by Xirena. Make sure to stop by the store and check out new collections!


| Beau Shirt + Shaya Short |
Beau Shirt + Shaya Short

| Barret Shirt + Princeton Pants |
Barret Shirt + Princeton Pants| Hayes Henley + Presley Pants |
Hayes Henley + Presley Pants